Seamless Transition from microfilm reels to Digital Files

Microfilm scanning service involves converting all tabloid-size microfilm reels and sheets into digital files. This process addresses the challenge of deteriorating and outdated microfilms that are vulnerable to loss and damage. By digitizing these documents into quickly accessible digitized data, organizations can preserve valuable information, improve data security, and enhance accessibility and retrieval at any time across all devices. At SKYSITE India, we scan 16mm, 35mm film rolls, and microfiche in any format and transform them into quickly searchable and editable digital documents.

We understand the significance of preserving historical records, artworks, sketches, and legal and medical data. With decades of industry experience and state-of-the-art scanning devices, our commitment to quality and accuracy guarantees exceptional digitization results- capturing even the tiniest details of documents with unparalleled clarity and accuracy.

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Why choose SKYSITE India for microfilm scanning services?

At SKYSITE India, we implement strict quality control measures and conduct a manual review of each scanned document to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy.

High-end devices

At SKYSITE India, we use high-end scanning devices, specifically optimized for microfilm and fiches, ensuring exceptional image quality and precision. With an expert team of professionals and advanced scanning technology, we capture all the intricate details of small documents and transform them into digital format with higher accuracy and clarity.

OCR Technology

We integrate OCR Technology that converts scanned images into easily searchable and editable text. This enhances the usability of digital documents, allowing instant data extraction anywhere at any time just by entering a file name or metadata.

Trained Professionals

We have a team of skilled scanners who hold expertise in handling microfilm reels and fiches. Their experience and knowledge make us capable of handling different types of small-format documents with precision and care.

How Does Document Scanning Process Work?

Transform your paper documents into readable, useful, accessible and searchable information.

Order Received

Order Received

Once we receive a query from your end, our professional experts jump into a quick call to describe the process and features of our document management software.

Documents Inspection Done

Documents Inspection Done

The step involves inspecting documents where we carefully review each document to ensure their accuracy, quality, and completeness before starting the process of digitization.

Documents Transported to AIM Center

Documents Transported to AIM Center

Once document barcoding is done, we transport them to our AIM center and de-clip physical documents to ensure a seamless document scanning process.

Scanning documents

Documents Scanned

After de-clipping documents, we digitize documents using the most advanced scanning devices to capture even the tiniest detail of documents and transform them into digital format.

Document Archiving

Scanned Documents Uploaded to cloud

Once scanning is done, we archive scanned documents with meta tags, keywords and file names to make them easily searchable and store them in a secured cloud drive.

Transferring to clients’ site

Documents securely Transported To The Customer

This is the last and final step of our scanning process where we securely transport our physical documents to our client’s premises with better document management.


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Industries we serve

With an industry experience of more than 15 years, SKYSITE India offers scanning services across all industrial spheres. From healthcare, finance to healthcare, we have covered all. 


Our Medical Record Scanning Services help healthcare professionals digitize medical data and organize them in a quickly searchable format, ensuring security.


Law firms generate a huge volume of legal data that often makes it difficult to store and organize. With our Legal Document Scanning Service, these legal data can be transformed into digital format. 


Financial institutions like banks or accounting firms need to deal with a huge amount of paperwork. SKYSITE India streamlines its document management system by offering Financial Document Scanning Servicesand archiving solutions. 


SKYSITE India simplifies document management for governments. Our secure cloud platform with Government Document Management Software streamlines processes for efficient, secure document handling. 


SKYSITE India offers a powerful Document Management Software for the Education Sector. We transform your paper documents into easily accessible digital data, streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency for schools and universities.

Real Estate

In the real estate sector, the overwhelming volume of paperwork can be tamed. SKYSITE India's Real Estate Document Management Software helps by streamlining document scanning, simplifying data retrieval, and boosting work efficiency. 

Security & Compliance

At Skysite India, safeguarding our customers’ crucial data is our topmost priority and to achieve this, we dedicatedly offer the most secure document scanning solutions.

Chain of Custody

Being a leading document scanning company in India, at Skysite, we maintain a chain of custody to ensure a safe and seamless digitization of documents. This process involves monitoring every data handling with the proper time, file name, date, time, and location.

Onsite Security

We understand the importance of preserving an organization’s crucial data and that’s why we follow strict control protocols at every stage of the scanning process which includes round-the-clock surveillance cameras, tamper-evident tape for sealing the boxes of documents, and locked storage.


Being a leading document scanning company in India, at Skysite, we maintain a chain of custody to ensure a safe and seamless digitization of documents. This process involves monitoring every data handling with the proper time, file name, date, time, and location.

Regulatory Compliance

Our document management process ensures regulatory compliance by organizing and storing documents at one centralized platform, enabling quick accessibility and easy retrieval of compliance data from anywhere at anytime across all devices.

Ensuring Quality, Delivering Excellence

At SKYSITE India, we have technical expertise, trained staff, and competitive pricing to lessen your burden of managing microfilm documents. Take a look at how we can help you with scanning and archiving microfilm records

Secure your data

When you consider converting microfilm to digital files, it unlocks a number of security features such as data encryption and password protection that guarantee to prevent your data from unauthorized access.

Preserve images

Damaged or deteriorated microfilms may result in the permanent loss of valuable information that negatively impacts an organization. Converting microfilm to digital files creates a digital backup of your information to preserve forever.

Improve accessibility

By transforming microfilm sheets and reels into quickly accessible digital files, you can get instant access to your data at any time anywhere across all devices. This helps in simplifying collaboration where professionals working from different locations can access and share data seamlessly.

Save storage space

Microfilms are quite expensive to store due to their specific maintenance requirements. Besides this, bulky microfilms and fiche sheets require a huge storage space. By digitizing microfilm archives, organizations can easily free up storage space, streamline document management, and reduce maintenance costs.

Easily searchable format

At SKYSITE India, we not only convert microfilm to digital files but also archive them, enabling users to locate a specific document from piles of data just by entering the file name, metadata, and keywords. This saves time as well as improves efficiency in accessing and retrieving information.

Data Backup

Microfilm scanning service creates a digital backup of sensitive information and keeps your business ready for emergencies. It will give you peace of mind that your data is in a safe place, ready to be searched, edited, and accessed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to scan microfilm?

    The cost of microfilm and microfiche scanning depends on a number of factors including –

    • Number of sheets that need to be scanned
    • Type of fiche
    • Document indexing types

    Once you discuss your project with our scanning experts, we will provide you with an estimation of the cost.

  • How can I organize my microfiche documents?

    You can choose to organize your miconiche documents in a number of ways once it is scanned. You can use sequential numbering for organizing microfilm and index them with metadata, file names, and keywords for easy accessibility and quick retrieval with the help of a simple text-based search.

  • How do I estimate how many microfilms I have?

    Microfilms are generally stored in sheets, making it difficult to estimate the exact number of microfiches that you need to scan. But there is one easy way to count the number of images you have and it is through a ruler. Create a stack of 1-inch thick sheets and then count the number of sheets multiplying the number of images per sheet. It will help in getting a basic estimation.

  • What is microfilm?

    Microfilm is basically a photographic film that is used for long-term preservation. It includes images, documents, and other types of materials. It consists of a transparent thin base coat on which text and images are recorded through the process of microfilming. These microfilm documents are often used in government agencies, libraries, and business organizations, seeking to preserve a large volume of information in a compact format.

  • Can microfilm scanning services handle aged and fragile documents?

    Yes, at SKYSITE India, we have a team of skilled scanners who are trained to handle delicate and aged documents with utmost care and precision and transform them into easily accessible and searchable digital files.

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