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Departments dealing with personnel and human resources (HR) are often quite paper-intensive and challenging to administer. Depending on the industry, a lot of these documents need to be legally saved and maintained on file for years.

SKYSITE India is an expert in assisting businesses in becoming more productive through the use of electronic documents and paperless office migrations. We have assisted hundreds of businesses with the digital conversion of departmental papers with our document management for HR.

What is Human Resources document scanning

Significance of Document Management for HR

Information must be easily accessed and redistributed as needed, especially when paperwork accumulates. With document management for HR you can search and distribute important information instantly, as it digitizes and indexes all of your documents. This can save you time for more crucial duties by sparing you and your team from spending numerous hours meticulously sorting and searching through paper records. Some other benefits of document management for HR include:

Improved Document Flow Management

The incessant movement of paper files poses a significant challenge in terms of overseeing and managing the flow of information. By scanning these scattered papers document management for HR turns these documents into digital files making it easier to centralize resources on a server or in the cloud. When HRs know exactly where to find each item, the first problem is solved. Indexing and labeling come next. By indexing and labeling document management HR cuts down on how long it takes to locate a file in that massive central data repository.

Increased Access Control and Security

People from many departments frequently require access to employee files. HRs also give this kind of information to government agencies, legal counsel, auditors, etc. Such circumstances often result in security breaches. Data breaches may be expensive for a business, and losing private employee information can be detrimental. Thankfully, document management for HR gives you total control over these files by digitizing, indexing and archiving them.

Up-to-date Data

If a staff member accidentally removes a document and then forgets to put it back, that's bad news for your company. Unwanted situations can occur during an audit. An even worse scenario would be paying legal fees in the event that a lawsuit is brought due to missing documents. Human resource data, both current and historical, can be continuously accessed with the use of SKYSITE India’s centralized electronic document management system and document scanning, providing you complete access to all HR data as and when needed.

Complete Digitization

If your personnel records are still on paper, you need to switch as quickly as feasible, even for your older employee data. Even if the data is spread geographically over multiple cities or countries, our document management for HR can digitize your dormant records to help you obtain better control over all of these files right now.

Effective Hiring

Often only one person may possess paper records at a time, which causes a recruitment bottleneck and makes teamwork difficult or impossible. This is where SKYSITE India’s document scanning servicesfor HR can be your savior. It allows several team members to review digitalized resumes and credentials at the same time, speeding up the hiring process and cutting down on wasted time.

Document Management for HR Solutions

From handling employee records, performance reviews to contracts, our document management software for human resource improves accessibility and efficiency, ensuring your information is securely stored and easily retrieved.

document scanning for hr

Document Scanning

HR departments have to deal with loads of data on a daily basis, which adds manual data entry hours while increasing the risk of misfiled or lost records, inefficient workflows and compliance issues. But, thankfully SKYSITE India’s document management for HR helps you tackle these issues by eliminating the need for practicing outdated paper-based records keeping. We scan and digitize your documents with cutting-edge OCR technology, transforming your data into searchable and readable documents, ready to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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Cloud storage for hr document

Cloud Storage

HR departments are often sensitive to identity theft, as this department stores sensitive data like I-9, medical records and tax information. However, our document management for HR eliminates this threat by indexing and storing your HR data in clouds safely. This ensures that your valuable data is secured and easily retrievable in the hours of need.

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onsite hr document scanning

On-site Scanning

There are many documents that are hard to move or are too secure to be removed from the premises, for these documents SKYSITE India has brought to you its on-site scanning services. Our experts go to your preferred locations and set up a scanning pipeline seamlessly to make sure your secure documents are scanned without compromising on quality and security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which HR documents do you scan?

    We scan various HR documents. Starting from employee contact details to offer letters, contracts, job applications, tax documents and insurance-related files, our document management for HR is equipped to scan any type of HR document.

  • Our company is more than three decades old and we have a ton of paper documents. Can you provide on-site document scanning services for these documents?

    Absolutely, we offer seamless bulk document scanning, which can scan and digitize your paper documents regardless of how many they are.

  • Can your document management for HR improve our hiring process?

    By helping you convert your resumes, cover letters, and any other hiring related data into digital files that are easy to share and store. This in return creates an efficient workflow for your HR department. Besides, our document management for HR makes viewing applicants credentials and team collaboration easy, which simplifies your hiring process, while making it efficient.

  • How much do you charge for bulk HR document scanning?

    SKYSITE India offer competitive pricing for bulk scanning. Besides, considering the cost that paper documents pose, our services basically pay for themselves.


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