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In the agricultural sector, a huge amount of data needs to be managed on an everyday basis which poses a big challenge for agricultural professionals. The ability to access and manage data effortlessly is the key to gaining success in the farming and agricultural industry. At SKYSITE India, we understand how important it is to maintain and store data securely, and thus, we bring to agriculture document management software that lets you store, access, and manage data efficiently from anywhere at any time.

Agricultural documents like land deeds, crop insurance policies, and regulatory permits like important documents help farmers make fast and informed decisions in response to market volatility, weather variability, and resource constraints. If it takes too much time to access and retrieve data from piles of paper documents, it will negatively impact your business. Digital record keeping of data through SKYSITE India’s Agriculture Document management software reduces dependence on manual paper handling, streamlines the document management process, and facilitates regulatory compliance.

What is Agriculture Document scanning

Benefits of Agriculture Document Management

SKYSITE India provides a wide range of agriculture document management solutions to help organizations with effective data management in a secured cloud platform.

Enhance compliance

Our agriculture document management software simplifies regulatory compliance for farmers. With our document scanning services, we help you digitize paper documents related to food safety, labor laws, and environmental sustainability. This ensures secure storage in a cloud platform, fostering instant accessibility, quick sharing, and fast retrieval of data – all at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Improve security

At SKYSITE India, we understand the significance of crucial information and that’s why we provide a secured document digitization process that converts agricultural paper documents into easily accessible digitized data and stores information in a secured cloud platform, preventing unauthorized access and physical damage or loss of information.

Better decision-making

Quick access to critical information instantly such as land deeds, insurance policies, and historical data helps in making informed decisions, enabling you to make informed decisions in response to resource constraints, market fluctuations, weather variability, and farm management.

Improve efficiency

By digitizing paper documents and implementing robust security features for ensuring the security of crucial information, our agriculture document management software streamlines workflow management, reduces manual handling of information, and enhances the productivity of agricultural businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of agricultural documents do you scan?

    At SKYSITE India, we are equipped to scan all types of agricultural paper documents including crop insurance policies, land deeds, regulatory permits and certifications, crop records, financial records, production data, equipment manuals, maintenance records, extension publications, and more.

  • How Does SKYSITE India ensure the security of documents?

    At SKYSITE India, our agriculture document management software is equipped with robust security features including access control, data encryption, and redaction that secure your data from unauthorized access, loss, and damage.

  • Can I edit my scanned documents?

    Yes, you can edit your scanned documents as we convert scanned images into editable and readable text using OCR technology, allowing you to update your data as and when required.

  • I have many old agricultural documents. Can you scan them?

    Yes, we scan old agricultural documents as well and our professionals are trained enough to handle sensitive documents with utmost care.

  • How much time does it require to accomplish a scanning assignment?

    The time duration of completing a scanning assignment depends on a number of factors including the number of documents that need to be scanned, the complexity of data, and the way you want to archive them.


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