Why choose SKYSITE for document scanning service?

SKYSITE is one of the leading document digitizing services providers in India, ensuring a smooth transition of paper documents into digital format. Take a look at our key features that set us apart from the rest

Onsite scanning service

We understand the confidentiality of crucial data. To safeguard an organization’s vital information, we provide onsite document scanning services where our expert scanning team will reach your site with scanning devices to digitize data while maintaining 100% privacy of the documents. This approach eliminates the requirement of transporting documents from one place to another, ensuring the confidentiality of crucial information during the entire process of scanning.

Advanced scanning devices

Our scanning team at Skysite is equipped with state-of-the-art scanning devices that produce impeccable quality images with utmost precision to every detail. Be it blueprints, maps, large format documents, small format documents, or age-old historical data, our scanning devices are well-equipped to handle any type of document of any volume. Trust us and we will help to preserve your valuable information in the digital realm.

Fast turnaround

We understand the value of time for our clients and so we are committed to providing fast turnaround scanning service. With advanced scanning devices and an expert scanner team in place, we ensure quick digitization of paper documents without compromising on quality. Whether you have a bunch of paper documents or historical data, we ensure the timely accomplishment of our scanning assignments to meet your business needs.

Trained Professionals

At Skysite, we have a team of expert scanners who are capable of handling any type of scanning assignment efficiently. Whether it is a small scanning project or a large one, our scanning professionals are well-versed in every intricate detail of the process and thus, ensure a seamless and hassle-free conversion of paper documents into digital format.

OCR Technology

One of the key features of the Skysite scanning service is that we integrate OCR technology into our scanning process enabling the transformation of scanned images into easily searchable and editable text. With OCR, your digitized data will become more functional as you can easily search, edit, or retrieve data in just a few clicks.

Our Document Scanning Services

SKYSITE India is a one-stop shop for digital scanning services. Our experienced scanning professionals backed by high-end scanning devices ensure a smooth conversion of physical documents into digitized files in a timely as well as professional manner. Have a look at our scanning services –

cloud scanning service

Cloud Scanning

At Skysite India, we digitize data and preserve them in our cloud storage, ensuring your valuable data remains secured and easily retrievable in times of emergency.

large format scanning

Large Format Scanning

Convert your oversized documents like maps, blueprints, and architectural drawings into digital format with utmost precision to clarity and intricate details with Skysite’s large format scanning service.

Small Format Scanning service

Small Format Scanning

We, at Skysite India, hold specialization in transforming compact-size documents into digital treasures, ensuring every small document is scanned and digitized with utmost clarity and accuracy.

On-site Document Scanning

On-site Document Scanning

To ensure the confidentiality of crucial documents, we provide on-site document digitizing services where our customers will reach your spot with high-end scanning devices and ensure a seamless document scanning process.

Bulk Document Scanning service

Bulk Document Scanning

If you have piles of documents to be scanned within a short span of time, opt for our bulk document digitizing service. It is a cost-effective solution for converting large volumes of documents into digital format, saving time and storage expenses.

How the Process Works

Going paperless is about more than just digitizing documents. ARC SKYSITE employs a meticulous and efficient process to deliver top-notch document digitizing services.

Order Received

Inspecting The Documents

Machine Onboarded On-Site

De-Clipping Documents

Machines Off-Boarded From The Site

Re-Clipping Documents

Scanned Documents Uploaded to cloud

Documents Scanned

Security & Compliance

At Skysite India, safeguarding our customers’ crucial data is our topmost priority and to achieve this, we dedicatedly offer the most secure document scanning solutions.

Chain of custody

Being a leading document scanning company in India, at Skysite, we maintain a chain of custody to ensure a safe and seamless digitization of documents. This process involves monitoring every data handling with the proper time, file name, date, time, and location.

Onsite security

We understand the importance of preserving an organization’s crucial data and that’s why we follow strict control protocols at every stage of the scanning process which includes round-the-clock surveillance cameras, tamper-evident tape for sealing the boxes of documents, and locked storage.


Our document scanning process involves a data encryption feature for safeguarding the privacy and integrity of digitized data while ensuring quick accessibility to them at any time anywhere. This is an advanced security feature that prevents unauthorized access to information.

HIPAA & Compliance

HIPAA evolves a range of security control protocols that have been implemented specifically to ensure the security of medical records. Whether it is a patient’s medical records or hospital data, Skysite’s HIPAA-compliance feature assures the privacy of medical information.

Industries We Serve

Since our inception, we have been serving industries in all verticals and helping them to convert a huge volume of documents into digital format through our effective document scanning and archiving solutions. By adoring the power of digitization, industries can improve their productivity, and efficiency, enhance data security, and save storage costs.

Healthcare document scanning service


SKYSITE India document scanning services can help healthcare providers digitize and organize their documents, making it easier to access patient information, and ensure compliance.

Legal paper document scanning


Law firms, and court systems generate and manage a vast volume of legal documents. Document scanning services by SKYSITE can help convert physical documents into searchable digital files.

Finance Document Scanning

Financial Services

Banks, financial institutions, and accounting firms handle a huge amount of paperwork, including loan applications, financial statements, tax records, and more. SKYSITE can streamline document management processes.

school document scanning


Educational institutions deal with significant amount of documents, Our document scanning services can help digitize these documents, making them easily accessible to faculty, students, and administrators.

State and Local Government Records Scanning


In the government sector, handling a huge volume of paper-based documents is nothing less than a challenge. It not only consumes a lot of time but also degrades the productivity of employees. With Skysite India’s document scanning services, paper documents can seamlessly be converted into digitized format, saving both time and productivity.

HR Document scanning services

Human Resources

In the human resource sector, small-format scanning is required for digitizing compact-size documents. Skysite India is equipped with a small format scanning service that helps in converting small-size documents into digital format with utmost precision to clarity and accuracy.

Insurance document scanning


This is an important sector of business where insurance companies need to manage a huge volume of paperwork almost on an everyday basis. Losing data or being unable to retrieve them due to any reason may drive them into big problems. We, at SKYSITE, perform bulk document scanning and indexing, ensuring easy access and quick retrieval of data anytime, anywhere.

Engineering Blueprint & Architectural Drawing Scanning

Engineering and architecture

In the architectural and engineering sector, large-size documents like maps, blueprints, and architectural drawings are hard to preserve for a long time. At SKYSITE, we help to save these documents for a timeless period by converting them into digital format through large format scanning services, boosting efficiency and collaboration among different departments.

Document Scanning For Logistics & Transportation Sector

Logistics and supply chain

Logistics and supply chain management departments handle a huge volume of data such as delivery receipts, shipping invoices, and much more. With Skysite’s document digitizing services, this industry can seamlessly operate its data handling process.

Scanning of Manufacturing Documentation Services


The manufacturing industries need to manage a huge volume of documents for quality control, production, supply and inventory, compliance, etc. Keeping all these documents in a proper order is a tough job. We help in streamlining the entire process through document scanning services.

Retail Industry Document Scanning Service


In the retail sector, there is a constant flow of receipts, invoices, orders, and paperwork that requires a lot of patience and time to manage them in a proper manner. document scanning services enhance document management by digitizing paper documents into digital format and thereby improve overall efficiency.

Real Estate Document Scanning Services

Real Estate

The real estate industry involves managing a huge volume of documents. We help them in digitizing documents and archive them for better accessibility at any time, anywhere simplifying the process of document management.

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Frequently asked questions

Document scanning service is the first step towards digitization. In every business, data plays an important role. Most often they are kept in papers that are vulnerable to loss or damage due to any emergency. Besides this, retrieving data quickly from piles of paper documents makes the job tiring and lengthy. Document scanning helps in digitizing those data and preserving them in secured cloud storage that allows quick accessibility and retrieval at any time anywhere.

If you have a large volume of documents to be scanned. Avail our bulk document scanning service that can scan a huge volume of documents at once and thereby streamline the document scanning process. Skysite India is a renowned scanning service provider that offers attractive discounts on bulk scanning.

Document scanning is the process of converting paper documents into digital format and thereby storing them in cloud storage for quick accessibility and easy retrieval. Scanning helps reduce storage costs and preserve them in the safest format to prevent damage or loss during an emergency.

Yes, SKYSITE ensures complete compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA for medical records. The document scanning process involves rigorous security control protocols. Each box of documents is labeled with barcodes, enabling easy tracking and preventing unauthorized access, ensuring the utmost safety of your sensitive data.

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is a type of scanning technology that can easily identify alphanumeric characters in documents and convert them into machine-readable format. Once documents are scanned through OCR, digitized data are indexed with file names and keywords for making them easily searchable in just a few clicks.

At Skysite India, we scan almost all types of documents including legal documents, business documents, medical records, financial data, architectural drawings, insurance documents, etc. Here, we take every project seriously and give our best efforts to deliver high-quality scanned documents to our customers.

Once the documents are scanned, the scanned data is stored in a secured cloud drive that makes it easy to access and retrieve using search commands like file name or keywords from any device.

On-site scanning is a process where our scanning experts will reach your site with scanning devices and convert paper documents into digital format maintaining the confidentiality of crucial documents. Once documents are transformed into digitized data, they are stored in a secured cloud drive for easy accessibility and retrieval.

Yes, at SKYSITE India, we provide a large format document scanning service that can scan large-size documents like engineering maps, blueprints, architectural drawings, etc, that are hard to preserve for long-term use. Our large format document scanning converts those large-size data into digital format and preserves them in a secured cloud drive.

Yes, we provide document scanning services in bulk where we convert large volumes of documents into digitized data. We even provide attractive discounts on bulk order submissions.

Digital scanning services are scalable and can handle both small and large volumes of documents. The capacity depends on the capabilities of the scanning equipment and the service provider's infrastructure.

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