Document Management Software for Educational Institutions

Public Schools, Colleges, and Universities like educational institutions need to manage and store a huge volume of sensitive documents that include students’ enrollment records, faculty records, and financial aid documents for a prolonged period and this is a never-ending process. However, effectively managing these paper-based documents and ensuring their security is one of the most challenging tasks. At SKYSITE India, we ease the burden of managing documents with our secured document management software for education that converts paper-based documents into digital format and stores them in a secure cloud storage drive. We digitize, centralize, and organize paper documents into easily searchable and retrieval formats, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

Having digital copies of school and college records that hold a lot of sensitive information is a great way to stay organized while keeping your data secured from unauthorized access. For preserving older documents also required for legal compliance, cloud-based document management systems offer the best solution.

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Organize, Access, and Preserve Documents Effortlessly

SKYSITE India’s document management software for education offers a plethora of benefits to educational institutions in streamlining document management. Take a look at the benefits below -

Improved Security

At SKYSITE India we protect your educational records with robust data encryption features, including access control, password protection, prevention of unauthorized access, and more.

Enhance accessibility

SKYSITE India’s document management system allows archiving scanned images with file names, meta tags, and keywords, making it easily accessible and retrievable from anywhere at any time.

Secure Document Scanning

SKYSITE India can securely and reliably digitize your files, no matter what the request. Besides, our cutting-edge legal document scanning servicemakes it possible to collect data from both tiny and huge volumes of hardcopy documents.

Data Privacy

At SKYSITE India, our document scanning services comply with state regulatory protocols governing educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities.

Reduce storage requirements

By digitizing paper documents into digital files, you can reclaim space that can be utilized for other important purposes, eliminating storage and maintenance costs.

Disaster Recovery

Digitization of crucial information enables educational institutions to store data securely, mitigating the risk of document loss and damage due to any unforeseen situation.

Why choose SKYSITE India for Document Management

SKYSITE India offers a comprehensive range of document scanning and archiving solutions to convert educational documents into easily searchable and retrievable formats. Take a look at our key features -

15+Years of Experience

SKYSITE India, being a subsidiary of the Global Printing and Scanning Company ARC Documents Solutions, offers a comprehensive range of document scanning and archiving services to businesses across all industrial verticals.

Onsite Scanning Solution

We understand the significance of sensitive documents and to ensure the utmost security of scanned data, we provide an onsite scanning service, eliminating the risk of transferring documents from one place to the other.

High-end Devices

We, at SKYSITE India, are equipped with high-end scanning devices that capture even the tiniest details of documents and convert them into digitized data with utmost precision and accuracy.

OCR Technology

At SKYSITE India, each of the scanned images of documents is converted into editable and shareable text through OCR technology, making it easier to store, edit, and retrieve data as and when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SKYSITE India ensure the confidentiality of students’ records during the document digitization process?

    At SKYSITE India, we prioritize the confidentiality of documents and give our best efforts to maintain that by employing robust security control measures.

  • Can I edit my scanned document?

    Yes, you can edit your scanned document as we convert scanned images into machine-readable and editable text through OCR technology.

  • What will be the turnaround time for educational document management projects?

    The turnaround time of scanning projects depends on the volume of documents to be scanned and their complexity. Once you discuss the details of your project, we will provide you with a specific timeline.

  • Do I need to organize my paper documents before sending them for scanning?

    Yes, you need to organize documents the way you want to archive them. The rest of the part will be taken care of by us as we de-clip documents to ensure a seamless digitization process.

  • Can I edit my digitized educational records offline?

    Yes, you can edit your digitized records offline as well.


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