Overview of Document
Archiving Service

In every industry, there is hardly any shortage of paperwork, and managing these ever-growing mountains of documents is really a big headache. Lack of office space, expensive storage costs, and risk of document loss are some of the most common difficulties experienced by companies who keep their records on paper. At Skysite India, we provide effective digital archiving solutions through document archiving software that not only organizes your documents digitally but also ensures their highest safety. Skysite India offers the safest home for your documents by providing complete document archiving, storing, and searching solutions for all your business information..

If you want to ensure your customers’ satisfaction, respond to their queries quickly, and streamline your business process without any glitches, you need immediate access to the right business data. Skysite India’s document archiving software helps you to retrieve all your documents, emails, e-files, and data anytime anywhere in just a few clicks.

Benefits of Document Archiving

From ensuring the safe storage of documents to maintaining compliance standards, document archiving offers a bunch of benefits to businesses. Let’s have a look at them below

Simplify Audit Preparation

Document archiving not only means you know where your documents are, but it is all about organizing all your company’s important information in an organized way with file name, keywords, meta tags, dates, etc., ensuring a seamless audit preparation.

Helps to Meet Compliance Standards

Meeting compliance is a crucial factor for every organization. With Skysite India’s document archiving software, achieving compliance standards has become simplified with instant access to data from anywhere at any time across all devices.

Switch to a Paperless Workplace

Document scanning converts your paper documents into digital format and archives them in a secure cloud storage drive which means there will be no more paper in the workplace, no fear of loss of documents, no hassle of going through piles of paper documents to find a file, or overflowing cabinets.

Disaster Recovery

Any kind of natural disaster or malicious attack may happen at any time. With effective document archiving software, you can always protect your business data from unforeseen catastrophes and be ready for disasters.

Enhance Security

An office filing cabinet can never be a safe place for storing your company’s confidential data. With SKYSITE India’s secured archiving software, you will have peace of mind that your documents are in safe hands and protected from any kind of natural disaster, theft, or loss.

Improved Customer Service

The time lag between responding to a customer’s request and retrieving specific data from piles of documents can be an ultimate deal breaker. Relying on an efficient document archiving software can significantly reduce your response time while providing better service to customers.

How Document Archiving Process Works

At Skysite India, we follow a few simple steps for document archiving that include

Order Received

Selection of Documents

This is the very first step in this process where they sort documents for archiving based on their regulatory requirements, relevance, and historical reference.

Documents Inspection Done

Sorting and Categorization

After selection, we organize the documents into certain categories based on document type, department, and date for their easy access, quick retrieval, and effective management.

Document Archiving

Digitizing Documents

In this phase, we convert physical documents into digital format using our advanced scanning devices and store them in a secure cloud storage drive.

Scanning documents

Document Indexing

We index documents with specific keywords, metadata, tags, and file names, enabling quick access and easy retrieval when required at any time anywhere across all devices.

Security and Storage

Security and Storage

We ensure secured storage of digital files with authorized access control, enabling integrity, confidentiality, and availability of crucial business data.

Review and maintenance

Review and Maintenance

Our document archiving software not only organizes documents in proper order but also regularly updates and reviews the archived information to ensure their accuracy, relevance, and compliance with regulatory protocols.


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Features of SKYSITE Document Archiving Software

SKYSITE India’s document archiving software offers a secured and cloud based storage platform for storing critical documents and ensuring easy accessibility.

Document scanning

This feature allows us to import digitally scanned images from various sources such as emails, scanners, and file shares into our archive system.

Metadata management

It helps to tag documents with file names, titles, dates, and keywords like custom attributes that facilitate easy search and quick retrieval.

Easy Search and Retrieval

Our document archiving software is equipped with a powerful search feature that allows users to instantly locate documents based on different search text and metadata.

Access Control and Security

It implements powerful security measures to control authorized access to documents which includes encryption, authentication mechanisms, audit trails, and compliance with regulatory protocols such as HIPAA or GDPR.

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can document archiving services benefit my business?

    Document archiving service offers a number of benefits to businesses including reducing storage space, improving document management, enhancing data security, ensuring regulatory compliance, and quick retrieval of data in just a few clicks across all devices.

  • How secure is my data with document archiving service?

    SKYSITE India’s document archiving software employs a number of advanced security features that include regular data backup, encryption of archived data, and access control to ensure their integrity, confidentiality, and availability when required.

  • Is it possible to access data remotely?

    Yes, you can access your archived data remotely from anywhere at any time across all devices.

  • How long are my documents archived for?

    The time period of document archiving varies as per your regulatory requirements and specific needs. If you want, you can archive some documents for an indefinite period based on your requirements.

  • Can I change the indexing feature of archived documents?

    Yes, you can customize indexing features for archiving documents by adding different tags, category names, and meta tags, enhancing your ability to locate a particular document in just a few clicks.

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