Overview of large format scanning

Are you getting frustrated with managing oversized documents through tubes, flat drawers, and hanging files? At SKYSITE India, we understand how difficult it is to preserve oversized documents like engineering drawings, maps, and plans for a prolonged time. Whether it is architecture, construction, or engineering sector, oversized documents or CAD files are required for compliance and future references. Our large format scanning service has been designed to convert big-size documents of up to size A0 into easily accessible and searchable digital files. .

Large size documents don’t fit on normal flatbed scanners. At SKYSITE India, we have cutting-edge large format scanners that can easily accommodate oversized documents like A0, A1 and scan at a high resolution so that you can get precise scanned images, capturing the tiniest details, even if your original documents are worn-out or old. Moreover, our scanning experts are highly trained to handle large size documents of any type with utmost care and attention. No matter whether they are rolled up, folded, brittle, or delicate, they will remain safe in our hands.

what is large format scanning

Our Large Format Scanning Services

Blueprint large format scanning service

Blueprint large format scanning service

By converting large format blueprints into easily accessible and retrieval digital files, organizations can enhance collaboration, streamline workflow management, save physical space, and facilitate data sharing instantly in just a few clicks.

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Large format scanning for the manufacturing industry

Large format scanning for the manufacturing industry

Automate your manufacturing process by converting oversized manufacturing documents like plans, assembly diagrams, and equipment schematics into digital files, ensuring quick access to critical data at any time anywhere.

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Large format scanning for the construction industry

Large format scanning for the construction industry

Empower your construction assignments with digitization by transforming architectural drawings, building blueprints, and maps into digital format. Our large format scanning solution caters to every digitization requirement of the construction industry, facilitating quick document sharing, and project management to completion.

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Large format scanning for businesses

Large format scanning for businesses

Digitize your business’s large format documents like event materials, marketing materials design mockups, presentations, and safety plans and optimize your document management process.

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Benefits of large format scanning services

Save storage cost

Storing large-size documents takes up too much storage space and incurs considerable costs for maintaining them. Once you digitize, you can effortlessly store them on the cloud, save cost, reclaim storage space, and eventually improve the bottom line of the business.

Instant access to oversized data

Oversized documents are difficult to handle, especially when they are old and worn out. With large format scanning, big size documents can easily be converted into digital while storing them effortlessly on the secured cloud platform for easy accessibility, quick sharing, and instant retrieval.

Ensure retention compliance

Paper documents are likely to get damaged or lost due to natural disasters or any emergency. With large format scanning, you can transform these original documents into digital copies, preventing excessive handling of paper documents. Moreover, in case of disasters like fires or flooding, digital files ensure that your data will not be damaged or lost as automated backup of digital files is an important part of business continuity planning.

Enhance collaboration

Digital files of large sized documents can easily be shared with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders via cloud storage, email, or other communicative platforms. It gives the convenience of reviewing and editing the same document at the same time by multiple parties which helps in enhancing collaboration among different departments for large-scale projects.


Our large format scanning services can digitize a wide range of document types and sizes, making it a scalable solution for both small and large organizations with different digitization requirements.

Save space

Storing oversized documents on paper takes up too much space while digitized data occupies a minimal amount of storage space on cloud platforms, optimizing office space for other productive purposes.

How Does Document Scanning Process Work?

Transform your paper documents into readable, useful, accessible and searchable information.

Order Received

Order Received

Once we receive a query from your end, our professional experts jump into a quick call to describe the process and features of our document management software.

Documents Inspection Done

Documents Inspection Done

The step involves inspecting documents where we carefully review each document to ensure their accuracy, quality, and completeness before starting the process of digitization.

Documents Transported to AIM Center

Documents Transported to AIM Center

Once document barcoding is done, we transport them to our AIM center and de-clip physical documents to ensure a seamless document scanning process.

Scanning documents

Documents Scanned

After de-clipping documents, we digitize documents using the most advanced scanning devices to capture even the tiniest detail of documents and transform them into digital format.

Document Archiving

Scanned Documents Uploaded to cloud

Once scanning is done, we archive scanned documents with meta tags, keywords and file names to make them easily searchable and store them in a secured cloud drive.

Transferring to clients’ site

Documents securely Transported To The Customer

This is the last and final step of our scanning process where we securely transport our physical documents to our client’s premises with better document management.


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Industries we serve

With an industry experience of more than 15 years, SKYSITE India offers large format scanning services across all industrial spheres. From healthcare, and finance to legal, we have served almost all industries across different verticals. 


Our Medical Record Scanning service helps healthcare professionals digitize medical data and organize them in a quickly searchable format, ensuring security.


Law firms generate a huge volume of legal data that often makes it difficult to store and organize. With our Legal Document Scanning Service, this legal data can be transformed into digital format.


Financial institutions like banks or accounting firms need to deal with a huge amount of paperwork. SKYSITE India streamlines its document management system by offering scanning and archiving solutions, including Financial Document Scanning Services


Governments, whether local or national, manage a substantial volume of documents. At SKYSITE India, we facilitate this process by digitizing documents and securely storing them in a cloud platform tailored for Government Document Management Software


Educational institutions, like schools and universities, require efficient Document Management Software for the Education Sector. With SKYSITE India, you can digitize paper documents for easy access and secure management.

Real Estate

In the real estate sector, the volume of paperwork is overwhelming. Real Estate Document Management Software helps simplify the process of document management, retrieving data, and enhancing work efficiency. 

Security & Compliance

At Skysite India, safeguarding our customers’ crucial data is our topmost priority and to achieve this, we dedicatedly offer the most secure document scanning solutions.

Chain of Custody

Being a leading document scanning company in India, at Skysite, we maintain a chain of custody to ensure a safe and seamless digitization of documents. This process involves monitoring every data handling with the proper time, file name, date, time, and location.

Onsite Security

We understand the importance of preserving an organization’s crucial data and that’s why we follow strict control protocols at every stage of the scanning process which includes round-the-clock surveillance cameras, tamper-evident tape for sealing the boxes of documents, and locked storage.


The document scanning process involves digitizing physical documents and storing them in cloud storage for easy accessibility and retrieval. Through data encryption protocol, we ensure that your sensitive information remains confidential and that only authorized personnel can access it, fostering security and compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

Our document management process ensures regulatory compliance by organizing and storing documents at one centralized platform, enabling quick accessibility and easy retrieval of compliance data from anywhere at anytime across all devices.

Types of large format documents we scan

For government agencies, construction and engineering, we cover

  • USGS quads, contour maps
  • Maps and plats
  • Land survey documents and aerial photos
  • Oversized land and title records
  • Published records and newspapers
  • Sectional index documents
  • Building blueprints
  • Architectural drawings
  • Engineering drawings
  • CAD files
  • Safety plans, utility plans, and HVAC plans
  • Location drawings
  • Sketches and artwork
  • Topographic maps
  • Schematics

What Our Customers Says

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of documents are considered as large formats?

    Any type of document that is larger than the standard paper size 8.5 11 is considered a large format document. Some of the common examples of large format documents include:

  • Is there any special consideration required for large format scanning?

    Yes, since large format documents are oversized, they need proper handling while removing them from racks, tubes, or binding.

  • How long does the process take?

    The process of large format document scanning may take a bit longer time than a normal document scanning process. A large format scanner can scan one document at a time.

  • Can I edit my large format document after scanning?

    At SKYSITE India, after scanning is complete, we transform the scanned images into machine-readable text using OCR scanning technology. This makes it easier to edit the data according to your requirements.

  • Will you be able to scan my old and fragile large format documents?

    Yes, we have an expert team of trained scanned professionals who know how to handle delicate and old documents safely.

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