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Are you getting tired of managing your paper piles taller than Mountains? Get the perfect document digitization service from SKYSITE India- your trusted partner for scanning and archiving. A division of ARC Document Solutions, we are global scanning company that empowers businesses with effective document digitization, quick accessibility and retrieval. Our comprehensive document digitization services are provided to contribute to the Indian government's “Digital India Campaign”. Our dedicated team of scanning experts brings unprecedented expertise in the field of document digitization.

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Services We Offer

Being a leading document scanning company in India, we offer a comprehensive range of document digitization services that make us a one-stop solution for all types of scanning and archiving requirements.


Document Scanning Service

Go paperless with SKYSITE India’s document digitization service. Digitize paper documents and store them in secured cloud platforms like SKYSITE for easy access, retrieval and sharing from anywhere at any place.

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Document Archiving Services

Document Archiving

Along with document digitization, archiving also plays an important role that categorizes data with file name, keywords and meta tags, fostering easy accessibility and quick retrieval across all devices.

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Document Shredding Service

Document Shredding

Document shredding is important for ensuring the safety of sensitive information. At SKYSITE India, we safely dispose of physical documents to avoid fraud, unauthorized access and document leaks.

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Large format scanning

SKYSITE India specializes in converting large-size documents of up to A1 and A0 into digital files. These types of documents include architectural drawings, age-old files, and other oversized paper documents that are hard to keep for a prolonged time. Our scanning process captures even the tiniest details with utmost precision and clarity, ensuring easy access and retrieval in just a few clicks.

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onsite scanning service

Onsite document scanning

Our onsite document scanning eliminates the need to transport sensitive documents to an external place as we bring advanced scanning devices to your premises to deliver the same professional quality scanning service that we provide through our AIM centers.

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microfilm Scanning Service

Microfilm scanning

Convert all your tabloid size microfilm documents into quickly accessible digital files with SKYSITE India’s microfilm scanning service. We aim at improving an organization’s operational efficiency by introducing quick search and intelligent access through scanning services.

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We Analyze

On receiving your request, our scanning experts will go through your requirements and come up with a strategic plan to complete your assignment on time with efficiency and expertise.


We Digitize

Once we analyze your request, we will start the document digitization process by destapling documents and arranging them for scanning. The scanned documents will be stored in SKYSITE India’s AI archival platform for quick accessibility.


We Deliver

After successful completion of scanning and archival documents, we securely deliver paper documents to our clients’ locations as required and organize them in a proper way.


You Manage

SKYSITE India offers a professional document digitization service, ensuring that your data is securely managed and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Benefits of scanning service

The Advantages of Choosing Our Document Digitization Services

With innovative AI-driven technology and dedicated support service, SKYSITE India provides a comprehensive range of professional document scanning and archival solutions to manage all your business data in an organized way. Take a look at our key features that set us apart from others -


Our expert team, equipped with high-end scanning devices, ensures precise image quality by capturing even the tiniest details of your documents. These digital documents are made quickly searchable and easily accessible through our optimized document scanning service.


Our expert team of professionals holds extensive knowledge and expertise in the document digitizing process. They firmly understand the importance of accuracy and confidentiality, ensuring to follow strict quality control measures throughout the entire scanning process.


We prioritize timely turnaround of scanning assignments without compromising on quality. Our professional expert team ensures your project is accomplished on time with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Partnered With
Top Brands

Being a pioneer in the document digitization service industry, we have partnered with some of the world's top global brands to offer best-in-class, secure scanning and digitization solutions to businesses.

Industries We Serve

With an industry experience of more than 15 years, SKYSITE India offers document digitization services across all industrial spheres. From healthcare, finance to healthcare, we have covered all. 


Law firms generate a huge volume of legal data that can be difficult to store and organize. With our legal document scanning service, this legal data can be transformed into digital format.


Our Government Document Management Software helps digitize and securely store documents on a cloud platform, simplifying access and retrieval.

Real Estate

The real estate sector drowns in paperwork. Our Real Estate Document Management Software, with its built-in document digitization service, simplifies scanning, data retrieval, and boosts work efficiency. 


Financial institutions like banks and accounting firms often grapple with vast amounts of paperwork. SKYSITE India simplifies this challenge by providing comprehensive document digitization services, including scanning and archiving solutions.


Our comprehensive document digitization services include secure medical record scanning. We assist healthcare professionals in digitizing medical data and organizing it into a quickly searchable format, ensuring security.


Schools, universities like educational institutions have an ever-growing need for an effective document digitization service. With SKYSITE India, you can transform your paper documents into easily accessible digitized data.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Skysite India’s document digitization service work?

    At SKYSITE India, we offer a comprehensive document digitization service that includes digitizing paper documents, storing them in a secured cloud platform, and archiving data with file names, making them easily accessible, retrievable, and shareable from anywhere at any time across all devices.

  • What types of documents can be scanned in SKYSITE India?

    All types of documents starting from PDF, and large format files like blueprints, drawings, maps, etc can easily be scanned using SKYSITE India’s advanced document scanning devices.

  • Is your document digitization suitable for all business types?

    Yes, our document digitization service is suitable for businesses across all verticals that help streamline workflow management, save space, and secure data. No matter whether you have a small business setup or a large one, managing data efficiently is the key to success. Our document digitization solution helps businesses in achieving this objective.

  • How does DMS ensure the security of confidential data?

    At SKYSITE India, we employ different types of robust security measures such as access control, encryption, audit trails, user authentication, and secure data transfer-like protocols to ensure the safety of customers’ sensitive data during the document scanning and storage process.

  • How do you organize and index scanned documents?

    At SKYSITE India, we follow a seamless process for organizing and indexing scanned documents where we categorize digitized data based on certain criteria that include document type, file name, keyword, or metadata. This allows quick retrieval of documents when required.

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