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Lawyers and solicitors need to store legal documents accurately and safely. However, keeping physical records on hand can be expensive to maintain, take up important office space, and squander worker productivity.

SKYSITE India’s legal document scanning service scans and digitizes legal papers, wills, and deeds seamlessly. We can digitize and store your records, allowing your attorneys and solicitors to maximize productivity, cut expenses, and save time all while maintaining compliance.

Legal Document Scanning solution

Benefits of Legal Document Scanning Service

At SKYSITE India we use best-of-breed technologies for speed, quality, and high accuracy in a highly secure environment to deliver a range of legal document scanning and data capture services.

Increased Traceability

SKYSITE India’s legal document scanning service utilizes OCR technology to transform your physical data into searchable digitized documents. This reduces your searching time and enhances efficiency.

Greater efficiency

Our legal document scanning service eliminates the hassle and expenses related to processing your papers by hand. You can also cut down on the demand for physical storage space.

Enhanced Flexibility & Scalability

SKYSITE India also caters to all of your needs for document recovery with our incredibly customizable document scanning service. We offer a plan to meet your demands, based on how frequently you need to store and retrieve your documents.

Secure Document Scanning

SKYSITE India can securely and reliably digitize your files, no matter what the request. Besides, our cutting-edge legal document scanning makes it possible to collect data from both tiny and huge volumes of hardcopy documents.

Reduced Costs

Legal offices handle a large amount of paperwork, and keeping these records in storage can get expensive. But with SKYSITE India you can save these costs as we offer seamless digitization of your physical records.

Legal Document Scanning Services

Sensitive Records Digitization

Sensitive Records Digitization

Our area of expertise is the digital conversion of confidential legal documents from hard copy to safe digital formats. At SKYSITE India we leverage cutting-edge OCR technology and the expertise of our trained professionals for best-in-class secure scanning. We digitize documents such as affidavits, briefs and contracts, memorandums, bankruptcy, foreclosure, ligation documents and much more.

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Accurate Indexing & Archiving

Accurate Indexing & Archiving

Our services extend beyond conversion. The precise indexing provided by SKYSITE India guarantees that your digital files are carefully arranged for simple access. Imagine being able to locate any legal document quickly! We also manage secure archiving, guaranteeing the safety and accessibility of your electronic assets for future need. This not only frees up physical space but also provides you with peace of mind because your important legal documents are accessible and well-organized.

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on premises scanning

On-Site Scanning

SKYSITE India offers on-site legal document scanning, bringing the digitization process directly to your office. This eliminates the risk of transporting sensitive legal paperwork. Our skilled staff meticulously handles your documents using our legal document scanning service for superior quality. With on-site scanning, you benefit from a secure, efficient way to convert your legal files into searchable digital formats, saving space and boosting productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is legal document scanning expensive?

    The cost of storing physical files is way greater when compared to the cost of digitizing them. For that reason our legal scanning services pay for themselves. We also offer competitive pricing in the industry. With our per-box price structure, your upfront expenses are extremely low and simple to figure out.

  • What is the quality of scanned documents?

    For optimal quality and legibility, we scan your papers at 300 dpi and save them as digital images with extremely high resolution. We manually go over each image to make sure your scans are up to our extracting standards. We redo any flawed scans. Your digital files are typically simpler to read than the originals.

  • Can you scan on-site at my office?

    Absolutely, we offer on-site scanning services. SKYSITE India can set up a secure document scanning workflow at your location. With our on-site scanning service, we bring the scanning and indexing expertise, equipment, and staff to your door, handling the initial setup, organization and workflow, and operation of the scanning equipment.


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