From File Cabinets to Cloud - Medical Record Scanning Simplified

In healthcare facilities, meeting the growing requirements of patients and providing quality care is the top most priority. But this responsibility comes with a ton of paperwork that makes it a challenging job for every medical professional. From managing medical invoices, and reports to insurance claims, medical practices need to maintain a huge volume of records on a regular basis which is a big headache, especially when they are kept on paper. Fortunately, there is a safe and convenient way to convert your medical records into digital files with a medical record scanning solution. At SKYSITE India, we provide effective medical record scanning and archiving services, ensuring easy access, quick retrieval, and confidentiality of patients’ data.

What is Medical Record Scanning

Features of SKYSITE India’s medical record scanning service

At SKYSITE India, we offer a comprehensive range of features designed to streamline workflow management and instant accessibility to data with secured storage of information.

Quality Assurance

The quality of scanned images should be high for maintaining the integrity of medical documents. At SKYSITE India, we employ the most advanced form of scanning devices that capture even the tiniest details of documents with utmost precision to clarity and transform them into quickly accessible, shareable, and retrieval digital files.

OCR Technology

Accuracy is important for every medical document. At SKYSITE India, we utilize OCR technology for converting scanned images into machine-readable and editable text. This helps in maintaining the accuracy of medical data during the digitization process.

Onsite document scanning

We understand the significance of confidential patient records. To ensure the utmost security of your sensitive information, we, at SKYSITE India, provide an onsite document scanning service where we set up a scanning environment at our clients’ premises and complete the digitization process under the vigilance of expert scanners.

State-of-the-art scanning devices

At Skysite India, we are equipped with the latest scanning devices that make us capable of scanning large volume medical documents seamlessly into instantly accessible digital data from anywhere at any time across all devices.

Risks associated with Paper-based Medical Record Keeping

Maintaining medical records in outdated paper format brings a lot of challenges and risks to a healthcare organization. All these challenges can negatively impact the quality of patient care. Take a look at these possible risks below -

Types of medical documents we scan

From patients’ medical history to insurance claims, we scan all types of medical documents for streamlining document management and instant accessibility to information from anywhere at any time.

Patients records

Medical history  

Treatment plans  

Discharge summaries 

Progress notes 

Prescription records

Medical lists  

Prescription orders  

Pharmacy records  

Insurance Forms

Insurance claims  

Billing statements  


Administrative documents

Consent forms  


Registration details  

Insurance information  

Imaging records

MRI scans  


CT scans  

Medical imaging studies 

Research documents

Clinical trial reports  

Medical literature  

Research studies  

Legal documents

Power of attorney forms  

Patient care legal documents 

Lab Reports

Scanning laboratory test reports  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure is your medical record scanning service?

    Our medical record scanning service is compliant with state regulatory protocols, ensuring your digitized data will remain secured with us. Even after the completion of the scanning process, we safely transport paper documents to our client’s site for the preservation of old data.

  • How does the medical record scanning process work?

    Our medical record scanning process follows a few simple steps to convert paper documents into digitized files. In the first step, we collect your paper documents and prepare them for the scanning process. Once the declipping of documents is done, we accomplish the scanning process where our scanning devices capture the scanned images of documents and convert them into digitized files. In the next step, we store this information in our secured cloud platform and archive data using meta tags, keywords, and file names, making them quickly searchable and retrievable from anywhere at any time. After the successful completion of the scanning assignment, we send back the paper documents to our client’s premises in an organized format.

  • What happens to my medical records after they are scanned?

    After the completion of the scanning process, we send back those paper-based medical documents to our clients’ space for safe preservation.

  • Is it possible to edit my scanned medical record?

    Yes, you can edit your scanned medical records. At SKYSITE India, we employ OCR technology for converting scanned images into editable and searchable text, facilitating quick access, instant sharing, and fast retrieval of data from anywhere at any time across all devices.

  • How long does it take to digitize paper medical records?

    The time required for digitizing paper-based medical records varies depending on the volume of documents and the complexity of information. On an average, the process may take a few days to a few weeks to get it done.


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