Why Choose Our OCR Technology

Select our advanced text extraction solution for superior document processing and efficiency.

High End Devices

We employ top-tier scanning devices for document digitization, guaranteeing impeccable image quality and precision that captures even the minutest details. Pairing this with secure cloud storage ensures easy accessibility and safeguards your files from physical harm or loss.

On Site Services

Our scanning and archiving service encompasses on-site support, featuring the deployment of our state-of-the-art scanner machines to your location. After scanning, your files are expeditiously transferred to a secure cloud storage platform, ensuring remote and secure access.

Trained Professionals

Our team consists of extensively trained professionals who excel in scanning and archiving services. Their expertise in cloud storage solutions guarantees secure storage, organization, and effortless access to your digitized files whenever necessary.

OCR Technology

We employ cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to transform scanned images into searchable and editable text, greatly enhancing the utility of your digitized documents. When integrated with cloud storage, OCR-processed files are seamlessly indexed and readily accessible, significantly improving overall document management efficiency.

Quick Turnaround

Our efficient scanning process, coupled with seamless cloud storage integration, guarantees rapid turnaround times. Once scanned and processed, your documents are promptly transferred to the cloud, facilitating immediate access and sharing among authorized personnel, thereby boosting productivity.

Our Services

Skysite India offers a one stop digitized solution for your organization. From scanning to archiving, our experienced staff and professional grade equipment ensure your scanning project is completed in a timely and professional manner. Take a look at our scanning services

Document scanning Service

Document Scanning

Enjoy a smooth and trouble-free transformation of your physical documents into high-quality digital files.

cloud scanning service

Cloud Scanning

Have confidence in our mastery of safeguarding your digital treasures, assuring the protection and recoverability of your invaluable data in times of unexpected loss. Your peace of mind is our commitment.

large format scanning

Large Format Scanning

Trust in our expertise to convert large-format documents into digital files, preserving vital information and enhancing accessibility with care and dedication.

Small Format Scanning service

Small Format Document Scanning

Rely on our proficiency in converting compact documents into digital formats, streamlining data organization and accessibility for your convenience.

On-site Document Scanning

On-site Scanning

Place your trust in our expertise as we bring advance scanning technology right to your doorstep, delivering precise and dependable digital files for effortless access and secure storage, all with a heartfelt commitment.

Bulk Document Scanning service

Bulk Scanning

Discover the convenience of transforming your extensive paper document collection into electronic format through our Bulk Scanning service, not only saving you valuable time but also preserving your resources.

How the Process Works

Going paperless is about more than just digitizing documents. ARC SKYSITE employs a meticulous and efficient process to deliver top-notch document digitizing services.

Order Received

Inspecting The Documents

Machine Onboarded On-Site

De-Clipping Documents

Machines Off-Boarded From The Site

Re-Clipping Documents

Scanned Documents Uploaded to cloud

Documents Scanned

Security & Compliance

We understand the importance of your sensitive documents. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure the highest standards of security and compliance in our scanning services. With us, you can rest easy, knowing that your confidential information is in trustworthy hands. Experience the comfort of complete compliance and unwavering security with our dedicated team.

Tracking Paper & Chain of Custody

We keep track of your documents using barcodes. No lost or misplaced files. Chain of custody is tightly maintained during the process to track things like location, handler’s information and time.

Physical & Onsite Security

Your documents are safe with us. We keep tight security protocols at every stage of the process thanks to things like tamper-evident tape, locked storage, 24-hour surveillance cameras.

HIPAA & Compliance

By digitizing your documents, you make it easier to fulfill legal and regulatory obligations. Even PHI/PII documents are protected the way they should be.


Scanned documents are encrypted to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data.

Industries We Serve

Any industry dealing with a large volume of physical documents can benefit from scanning and archiving services by SKYSITE. By digitizing and organizing their documents, industries can improve efficiency, enhance data security, save physical storage space, and ensure easy retrieval of critical information.

Healthcare document scanning service


ARC’s scanning and archiving services can help healthcare providers digitize and organize their documents, making it easier to access patient information, and ensure compliance.

Legal paper document scanning


Law firms, and court systems generate and manage a vast volume of legal documents. Scanning and archiving services by SKYSITE can help convert physical documents into searchable digital files.

Finance Document Scanning

Financial Services

Banks, financial institutions, and accounting firms handle a huge amount of paperwork, including loan applications, financial statements, tax records, and more. SKYSITE can streamline document management processes.

school document scanning


Educational institutions deal with significant amount of documents, Our scanning and archiving services can help digitise these documents, making them easily accessible to faculty, students, and administrators.

State and Local Government Records Scanning


Government agencies often handle a vast number of documents. As one of the top document management companies, we offer scanning and archiving services that can aid in digitizing these records.

HR Document scanning services

Human Resources

HR departments deal with a multitude of employee records, Our secure scanning and archiving services can help HR professionals streamline document storage and retrieval, enabling efficient management.

Real Estate Document Scanning Services

Real Estate

The real estate industry involves handling various documents. Scanning and archiving services can assist in digitizing these documents, simplifying document management.

Engineering Blueprint & Architectural Drawing Scanning

Architecture & Engineering

Architectural firms, engineering companies, handle blueprints, design documents, project reports, and other technical drawings. SKYSITE offers end-to-end scanning and archiving services that enable easy storage.

Document Scanning For Logistics & Transportation Sector

Logistics & Supply Chain

logistics and supply chain management handle numerous documents, such as shipping invoices, delivery receipts and more. With ARC’s scanning services, the industry can streamline document handling processes.

Scanning of Manufacturing Documentation Services


Manufacturing companies manage various documents related to production, quality control, inventory, and compliance. Scanning and archiving services assist in digitizing and indexing these documents.

Retail Industry Document Scanning Service


Retail businesses deal with large amount of documents, Scanning and archiving services enhance document management, enable faster retrieval of information, and improve overall efficiency.

Insurance document scanning


Insurance companies handle a significant amount of paperwork, SKYSITE’s scanning and archiving services aid in digitizing and indexing these documents, ensuring quick access to information.

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Frequently asked questions

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that recognizes and extracts text from scanned images or documents. It converts the text in the scanned images into machine-readable and searchable text, allowing for easier document management and text analysis.

OCR technology has significantly advanced and can accurately recognize a wide range of fonts, including common ones and some less conventional styles. However, the accuracy of OCR for handwritten documents can vary, depending on the handwriting style and quality of the scanned image.

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