Why Choose Our Document Scanning Service

Experience a smooth transition to a paperless operation with our efficient document scanning services.

High End Devices

Our document scanning service stands out with the use of top-of-the-line scanning devices that ensures impeccable image quality and resolution, capturing every detail of your documents accurately.

On Site Services

For document scanning service We bring our advanced technology scanner machine to your location to perform the scanning process efficiently and securely. This on-site approach eliminates the need for transporting sensitive documents to an external location, ensuring that confidential information remains safe throughout the scanning process.

Trained Professionals

Our trained professionals are expert in handling all aspects of document scanning. Also, they are well-versed in the intricacies of the scanning process, allowing for a smooth and error-free conversion of physical documents into digital files.

OCR Technology

We integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that enables the conversion of scanned images into searchable and editable text. With OCR in place, your digitized documents become more functional and user-friendly, allowing for easy retrieval and efficient data extraction.

Quick Turnaround

Our document scanning service prioritizes quick turnaround times, ensuring that your project is completed promptly without compromising on quality.

Our Services

Skysite India offers a one stop digitized solution for your organization. From scanning to archiving, our experienced staff and professional grade equipment ensure your scanning project is completed in a timely and professional manner. Take a look at our scanning services


Cloud Scanning

Trust our expertise in providing secure backup for your digital assets, ensuring that your valuable data is protected and recoverable in case of any data loss events.


Large Format Scanning

Elevate your document management with our superior large format document scanning service, delivering high-quality electronic files for effortless storage and retrieval.


Small Format Scanning

Elevate your document management with our superior small-format scanning service, delivering high-quality electronic files that preserve the integrity of your original documents.


On-site Document Scanning

Embrace a seamless and hassle-free approach to digitizing your physical documents as our professionals scan them directly at your location.


Bulk Document Scanning

Trust our expertise in handling high volumes of paper documents, as we transform them into electronic files, optimizing data management and accessibility.

How the Process Works

Going paperless is about more than just digitizing documents. ARC SKYSITE employs a meticulous and efficient process to deliver top-notch document digitization services.


Order Received


Inspecting The Documents


Machine Onboarded On-Site


De-Clipping Documents


Machines Off-Boarded From The Site


Re-Clipping Documents


Scanned Documents Uploaded to cloud


Documents Scanned

Security & Compliance

Going paperless is about more than just digitizing documents — you need to take security into consideration. We keep your documents safe and protected through our process.

Tracking Paper & Chain of Custody:

We keep track of your documents using barcodes. No lost or misplaced files. Chain of custody is tightly maintained during the process to track things like location, handler’s information and time.


We implement encryption protocols to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your scanned documents, assuring the utmost security for your valuable data.

Physical & Onsite Security

Your documents are safe with us. We keep tight security protocols at every stage of the process thanks to things like tamper-evident tape, locked storage, 24-hour surveillance cameras

HIPAA & Compliance

Digitize your documents with us for simplified compliance, including HIPAA standards, ensuring robust protection for PHI/PII data.

Industries We Serve

Any industry dealing with a large volume of physical documents can benefit from document scanning and archiving services by SKYSITE. By digitizing and organizing their documents, industries can improve efficiency, enhance data security, save physical storage space, and ensure easy retrieval of critical information.



ARC’s document scanning and archiving services can help healthcare providers digitize and organize their documents, making it easier to access patient information, and ensure compliance.



Law firms, and court systems generate and manage a vast volume of legal documents. Scanning and archiving services by SKYSITE can help convert physical documents into searchable digital files.


Financial Services

Banks, financial institutions, and accounting firms handle a huge amount of paperwork, including loan applications, financial statements, tax records, and more. SKYSITE can streamline document management processes.



Educational institutions deal with significant amount of documents, Our scanning and archiving services can help digitize these documents, making them easily accessible to faculty, students, and administrators.



In government, tackling bulk document scanning challenges is our forte. With ARC's SKYSITE, seamless transitions to digital document management are assured. Enhance accessibility, compliance, and efficiency with our expertise. Let us handle your document scanning needs.


Human Resources

In HR departments, small format scanning is a common challenge. Our document digitization solution is here to streamline this process, resolving the key hurdle faced in managing small-format documents efficiently.


Real Estate

The real estate industry involves handling various documents. Document scanning and archiving services can assist in digitizing these documents, simplifying document management.


Architecture & Engineering

In Architecture and Engineering, large format documents are vital. We specialize in scanning these documents, including blueprints and architectural drawings, to boost project efficiency and collaboration. Let us help you navigate the world of big documents with ease


Logistics & Supply Chain

logistics and supply chain management handle numerous documents, such as shipping invoices, delivery receipts and more. With ARC’s scanning services, the industry can streamline document handling processes.



Manufacturing companies manage various documents related to production, quality control, inventory, and compliance. Scanning and archiving services assist in digitizing and indexing these documents.



Retail businesses deal with large amount of documents, Document scanning and archiving services enhance document management, enable faster retrieval of information, and improve overall efficiency.



Insurance companies handle a significant amount of paperwork, SKYSITE’s document scanning and archiving services aid in digitizing and indexing these documents, ensuring quick access to information.

What Our Customers Say

Companies that are already saving revenues with our scanning services

Jenifer Grady

I broadly searched for document scanning companies in Nashville and found ARC. I interacted with the account executive while I was answering similar questions for other companies about how much we needed scanned, but ARC's rep was the only one who followed through. She was patient and incredibly responsive. Over the few days we talked, I worked through my project, taking pages out of binders and inventorying our minutes. They were in good order so I called ARC to say I was ready. Well, so were they. My box was picked up, scanned and returned in perfect order within 3 days, AND the price was right. The digital files are exactly what we needed, and most are OCR. I am so impressed, and even more when I saw that I forgot to remove paperclips for one batch and they were carefully removed from 50 year old pages and returned after scanning. I know who we'll use in the future.

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Lisa Zevi

I have accumulated plenty of training materials and documents over the five years I’ve been running my coaching business. When I moved to Dubai I was looking for a company I could trust to scan them into PDFs so I could dispose of the hard copies. ARC were professional, friendly and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend them and will definitely be using them again.

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Dave Morgan

Outstanding Service, Thank You!! I am in this area for work and like everyone else, I did a Google search to find a company that I could get to scan two boxes of materials for a project at work. ARC on Cherry Lane is the only group with ALL 5 Star Ratings! And, I see why! They scanned the two boxes of documents in little more than a day and for a very fair price. Their software even deleted blank pages where they had scanned both sides of all pages and it rotated all pages to be oriented properly. This saved me time from having to pay someone else to perform the same tasks their software did automatically. The three folks I interacted with were very pleasant and most helpful! Fortunately, this is a nationwide group so I can use them for work no matter my location. I am out here for work from South Carolina so this is important to me. Great thanks to you all!

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David Madison

I had a set of 40 year old blueprints, vellums, and sepias from a house construction. I called three shops in the area about scanning, the first two were rather unfriendly and warned me about the problems of scanning old sheets. I called ARC and spoke to Linda, she was friendly, made it sound like no problem. I brought in the sheets and the next day picked up the sheets and the scanned files. The files look great! Price was excellent as well.

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Rochelle Howard

I work for a really large non-profit organization and we had hundreds of blueprints/drawings that needed to be digitized. I was referred to ARC by one of our construction companies who has done a lot of major work including additions and renovations so I trusted their recommendation. We set up a time for Craig to come out and assess our files (which were all over the place) and he sent out two of their staff that took the time to write down and organize each drawing. They were patient, fast, efficient, and well organized. I then worked with Jose who worked with his team to scan each drawing/blueprint to our satisfaction. After a couple of emails back and forth, we were able to organize the digital files in a manner that would save me hours of work. I no longer have to search for hours for a blueprint because I have the digital ones along with a USB. It makes it so much easier to send the documents and avoid unnecessary time dropping off and picking up drawings. I'm thankful and appreciative of this company. They went over and beyond and it was worth every dollar for the time saved in the long run. Thank you.

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Frequently asked questions

The process of document scanning entails using a scanner to transform physical documents into digital images or files. You place the document in the scanner, which captures an electronic image of each page. Afterward, this scanned image is saved as a digital file, typically in formats like PDF or JPEG. This digital file can be easily stored, shared, or edited electronically, offering greater accessibility and manageability compared to physical documents.

Yes, once your documents are scanned and digitized, they can be securely accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. We offer cloud-based document management systems or provide you with the digital files for integration into your existing systems.

ARC SKYSITE's document scanning services start from ₹0.50, but it varies based on different factors such as the volume of documents, paper type, print and colour.

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