Why Choose Our Large Format Scanning Service

ARC’s SKYSITE is a leading document scanning & archiving platform in North America is now in India to provide a complete digitized solution

High End Devices

Our scanning devices designed specifically for handling oversized documents like architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, maps, etc. that ensures exceptional image quality and resolution, capturing every detail of your large format documents accurately.

On Site Services

Our document scanning service offers the convenience of on-site assistance. We bring our advanced technology scanner machine to your location to efficiently scan your large documents. This on-site approach eliminates the need for transportation and ensures the security and safe handling of valuable documents.

Trained Professionals

We have a team of highly trained professionals specialized in handling large format documents. Their expertise ensures that each oversized document is carefully handled and accurately digitized.

OCR Technology

As part of our large format document scanning service, we integrate advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that allows for the conversion of scanned large documents into searchable and editable text. By implementing OCR, your digitized large format files become more accessible and usable.

Quick Turnaround

Our service is designed to provide quick turnaround times, allowing you to access digitized large documents promptly. Our efficient workflow and specialized scanning process ensure that you receive your digitized files within the agreed-upon timeframe, without compromising on quality.

Our Services

Skysite India offers a one stop digitized solution for your organization. From scanning to archiving, our experienced staff and professional grade equipment ensure your scanning project is completed in a timely and professional manner. Take a look at our scanning services


Document Scanning

Elevate your document management with our high-quality scanning service, ensuring the flawless conversion of paper documents into digital format.


Cloud Scanning

Elevate your data management with our seamless and efficient cloud storage solutions, enabling easy sharing and collaboration among team members.


Small Format Scanning

Embrace the power of digitization as we convert your compact-sized documents into electronic format, streamlining your data storage and retrieval process.


On-site Document Scanning

Elevate your document management with our on-site scanning service, offering efficient and reliable conversion of physical documents into digital files.


Bulk Document Scanning

Elevate your document organization with our seamless bulk scanning service, providing efficient and reliable digital files for your business needs.

How the Process Works

Going paperless is about more than just digitizing documents. ARC SKYSITE employs a meticulous and efficient process to deliver top-notch document digitization services.


Order Received


Inspecting The Documents


Machine Onboarded On-Site


De-Clipping Documents


Machines Off-Boarded From The Site


Re-Clipping Documents


Scanned Documents Uploaded to cloud


Documents Scanned

Security & Compliance

Going paperless is about more than just digitizing documents — you need to take security into consideration. We keep your documents safe and protected through our process.

Tracking Paper & Chain of Custody

We keep track of your documents using barcodes. No lost or misplaced files. Chain of custody is tightly maintained during the process to track things like location, handler’s information and time.


Scanned documents are encrypted to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data.

Physical & Onsite Security

Your documents are safe with us. We keep tight security protocols at every stage of the process thanks to things like tamper-evident tape, locked storage, 24-hour surveillance cameras.

HIPAA & Compliance

By digitizing your documents, you make it easier to fulfill legal and regulatory obligations. Even PHI/PII documents are protected the way they should be.

Industries We Serve

Any industry dealing with a large volume of physical documents can benefit from document scanning and archiving services by SKYSITE. By digitizing and organizing their documents, industries can improve efficiency, enhance data security, save physical storage space, and ensure easy retrieval of critical information.



ARC’s document scanning and archiving services can help healthcare providers digitize and organize their documents, making it easier to access patient information, and ensure compliance.



Law firms, and court systems generate and manage a vast volume of legal documents. Scanning and archiving services by SKYSITE can help convert physical documents into searchable digital files.


Financial Services

Banks, financial institutions, and accounting firms handle a huge amount of paperwork, including loan applications, financial statements, tax records, and more. SKYSITE can streamline document management processes.



Educational institutions deal with significant amount of documents, Our scanning and archiving services can help digitise these documents, making them easily accessible to faculty, students, and administrators.



Government agencies often handle a vast number of documents. As one of the top document management companies, we offer document scanning and archiving services that can aid in digitizing these records.


Human Resources

HR departments handle various employee records, and our secure small format scanning and archiving services are tailored to help HR professionals simplify document storage and retrieval. This facilitates efficient management, allowing streamlined organization of important records


Real Estate

The real estate industry involves handling various documents. Document scanning and archiving services can assist in digitizing these documents, simplifying document management.


Architecture & Engineering

Architectural firms, engineering companies, handle blueprints, design documents, project reports, and other technical drawings. SKYSITE offers end-to-end document scanning and archiving services that enable easy storage.


Logistics & Supply Chain

logistics and supply chain management handle numerous documents, such as shipping invoices, delivery receipts and more. With ARC’s scanning services, the industry can streamline document handling processes.



Manufacturing companies manage various documents related to production, quality control, inventory, and compliance. Scanning and archiving services assist in digitizing and indexing these documents.



Retail businesses deal with large amount of documents, Document scanning and archiving services enhance document management, enable faster retrieval of information, and improve overall efficiency.



Insurance companies manage substantial paperwork, and SKYSITE's document scanning services adhere to HIPAA compliance standards. This ensures digitization and indexing of documents, guaranteeing swift access to information while maintaining confidentiality and security.

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Frequently asked questions

Large format scanning services involve transforming oversized documents like blueprints, maps, and posters into digital formats. Using specialized scanners, every detail is captured with precision. This service preserves, shares, and provides efficient access to these documents in electronic form, freeing you from physical storage constraints.

You can scan large size documents at professional printing and scanning centers, as well as specialized document digitization services like ARC Skysite.

Yes, large format document scanning services can capture oversized documents in both black and white and color formats. Color scanning is particularly useful when preserving the visual details and information contained in architectural renderings, maps with color-coding, or artwork.

Yes, large format scanned documents can be printed at scale using specialized large format printers or plotters. The digital files can be printed on demand, allowing for accurate reproduction of the original oversized documents.

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