Why choose ARC’s Skysite for Document Scanning Services in Bangalore

ARC’s Skysite is the most trusted and renowned document scanning company in Bangalore. From document digitization to secured storage, we provide technology-enabled end-to-end document management solutions to our customers in all verticals. Having secured and quick access to real-time data can help in improving business efficiency and collaboration, streamline business operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

High End Devices

Being a renowned document scanning company in Bangalore, we boast of top-tier and state-of-the-art scanning devices to produce immaculate image quality with utmost precision to intricate details of your documents.

On Site Services

To guarantee the confidentiality of customers’ sensitive data, we offer on-site document scanning services in Bangalore. In this process, we bring our advanced scanners to your location to facilitate a seamless document scanning process.

Trained Professionals

Our trained professionals are expert in handling all aspects of document scanning. Also, they are well-versed in the intricacies of the scanning process, allowing for a smooth and error-free conversion of physical documents into digital files.

OCR Technology

Being a renowned document scanning company in Bangalore, we have evolved the advanced OCR technology that makes your digital documents easily searchable by text or number. This feature leads to more effective document management and data extraction, benefiting businesses in various ways.

Quick Turnaround

We understand the value of each project and so, we prioritize on-time delivery of scanning assignments without compromising on quality.

Our Locations

With 35+ years of industry experience, ARC’s SKYSITE understands the challenges that companies face in dealing with large volumes of physical documents, often leading to cumbersome storage, increased operational costs, and compromised productivity. Our mission is to alleviate these burdens and streamline your document management processes, empowering your organization to focus on its core competencies. We provide top-quality document scanning services in bangalore so that you can free up your space and save time and money.


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Our Document Scanning Services in Bangalore

At ARC’s Skysite, you can explore the widest range of document scanning services in Bangalore to meet your specific requirements. From document digitization, and archiving to secured storage, get all of them at ARC’s Skysite, your one-stop solution for all scanning requirements.

Document scanning Service

Document Scanning

Are you finding it difficult to retrieve a specific file from a pile of paper documents? Switch to digitization and convert all physical documents into digital format. At ARC’s Skysite, we ensure a smooth and seamless digital conversion of your documents.

cloud scanning service

Cloud Scanning

We provide secured cloud storage for your digital assets. Here, we ensure that your digital documents remain protected and can easily be retrieved at any time anywhere in just a few clicks and thus, eliminate the fear of data loss.

large format scanning

Large Format Scanning

If large-size documents like blueprints, drawings, and maps are taking up too much storage space in your workplace, we can help you out with a large-format scanning service that converts oversized documents into digital format and make them easily accessible while removing storage cost and saving your space.

Small Format Scanning service

Small Format Scanning

We have the most advanced scanning devices that can transform any tabloid-size document into a digitized format. Later, we archive them to make them easily manageable and searchable with text or numbers.

On-site Document Scanning

On-site Document Scanning

To ensure the security of critical data and eliminate the need for transferring documents from one place to another, we offer onsite document scanning service in Bangalore where we bring our high-end scanning devices to your location to ensure seamless document digitization and archiving.

Bulk Document Scanning service

Bulk Document Scanning

If you have a large volume of documents that need to be scanned within a short while, opt for our bulk document scanning solution. Put all your paper-based documents into a box and send them to us for scanning, archiving, and storing them in a safe cloud storage space.

How the Process Works

Going paperless is about more than just digitizing documents. ARC SKYSITE employs a meticulous and efficient process to deliver top-notch document digitizing services.

Order Received

Inspecting The Documents

Machine Onboarded On-Site

De-Clipping Documents

Machines Off-Boarded From The Site

Re-Clipping Documents

Scanned Documents Uploaded to cloud

Documents Scanned

Security and Compliance

At ARC’s Skysite, our foremost commitment to our customers is safeguarding the confidentiality of their data, and to achieve this, we dedicatedly provide the most secure document scanning solutions, strictly adhering the data privacy and regulations.

Tracking Paper & Chain of Custody

We follow strict security protocols at every stage of the document scanning process that includes 24x7 surveillance cameras, locked storage, tamper-evident tape, etc.


We employ data encryption features to safeguard the privacy and integrity of scanned documents while ensuring their quick accessibility.

Physical & Onsite Security

Your documents are safe with us. We keep tight security protocols at every stage of the process thanks to things like tamper-evident tape, locked storage, 24-hour surveillance cameras.

HIPAA Compliance

By digitizing your documents, you make it easier to fulfill legal and regulatory obligations. Even PHI/PII documents are protected the way they should be.

Switch to a Paperless Office Today With SKYSITE Scanning Services.

With more than 35+ years of experience of working with top industries in the world, ARC Document Solutions is a North American Company equipped with world-class and high-speed scanning and imaging equipment to provide fast, high-quality, and cost-effective onsite document scanning services in bangalore across the globe.

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